Eve Taylor Men’s Skincare Face Scrub 100ml

Eve Taylor Men’s Skincare Face Scrub 100ml


An invigorating and revitalising scrub to clear congested pores of oil, dirt and dead skin. An ideal pre-shave prep helping lift hairs for a closer shave.

Skin type/condition: All skin types, except sensitive.

Eve Taylor Men's Skincare Face Scrub

Benefits: Removes dull skin revealing fresh clean skin.
Ideal to use pre-shave to give a closer shave.
Helps combat ingrown hairs.

How to use: Apply to wet face, work in circular movements focus on beard growth area, nose or areas affected by blackheads. Rinse with tepid water.

Key ingredients: Peach kernel granules mechanically lift dead skin cells, impurities and hairs. Bentonite absorbs excess oils; while bamboo beads polish and smooth.