Semi Permanent Brows

Excellent results that last, that’s our make-up guarantee…

Whether you are looking for a subtle kind of natural enhancement or a more striking make-up look we are able to find the perfect semi permanent brows style of make-up to match your personality.

  • *Our pigments have stronger depth of natural colours.
  • *Colours that stay true and don’t change to unwanted hues over time.
  • *Longer lasting pigments.

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Powder Brows / Semi Permanent Brows

Powder Brows

This is a more traditional brow type, great for anyone who has previously had permanent make-up due to its highly pigmented coverage. It is able to cover brows that have faded to unwanted colours like orange, blue or green, and anyone who requires brow correction work for previous cosmetic tattooing.

It is also perfect for anyone with little to no hair that is wanting to make sure that they have a no fuss, no worries perfect brow 24/7 that will last for 12 or more months.

A top up treatment is required 4 weeks after your first treatment.

Powder Brows £350.00

Combination Brows

Combination Brows

This is our ultimate brow and the first choice for anyone wanting a strong brow with a make-up look but still wanting the natural look of microblading. This is a full procedure of hairstrokes at the front and mid section of the brow joining to the top arch and tail and a full procedure of highly pigmented ombre for a strong brow.

This brow requires a top up treatment after 4 weeks .

This is to make sure the colour is strong enough, the shape is still on point and to firm the pigment to give your brows extra long life.

Combination Brows £350.00

Baby Powder Brows / Semi Permanent Brows

Baby Powder Brows

These brows are perfect for blondes or those with very fair skin, and those who do not want a prominent brow, but do want a defiant shape and style to their brow. It is also great for anyone wanting a soft and subtle look that does not appear to even look like cosmetic tattooing.

We can create the most beautifully delicate brows using this method. Usually only requiring a single treatment that will last 12 months.

If a top up is required, this is free of charge 4 weeks later.

Baby Powder Brows £295.00

Yearly Boosters / Semi Permanent Brows

Yearly Boosters

Want to keep your brows looking fresh? We recommend coming to see us every 12 months for a brow booster session.

This usually only needs one appointment, however, if a repeat session is needed 4 weeks later this can be done for a fee of £50.

Yearly Boosters £120.00
Repeat Session £50.00

Brow Correction / Semi Permanent Brows

Brow Correction

If you would like correction for your brows we are also able to help with that and by using laser and our amazing new pigments we will be able to cover the old and laser what we can’t cover.

This process is very effective in creating your perfect brows but, it does take time to achieve the best results.

A consultation is available to book with our laser and tattoo specialist who will be able to advise more for you, based on your assessment.

Laser Tattoo Eyebrow Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

We offer laser tattoo removal for eyebrow tattoos including microblading, if you’ve decided that you would just like to remove the tattoo and not replace or correct the old tattoo we can help you to remove it.

This includes brows that have changed colour to orange / red / green / blue / black or brown.

Semi Permanent Brows Prices…

Price £
Powder Brows £350.00
Combination Brows £350.00
Baby Powder Brows £295.00
Yearly Boosters £120.00
Yearly Booster / Repeat Session £50.00
Brow Correction Priced on Consultation
Laser Tattoo Removal From £29.00