A wide range of skin treatments available…

Here at JM MediSpa we use Eve Taylor and Image skincare for our facials and advanced facials. We offer a wide range of skin treatments and believe we have created something for everyone. Each treatment room has a calm and soothing decor, customisable LED mood lighting, deep soothing music and heated massage beds. Contact Us | Book Now

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Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor skin care has over 50 years experience in the professional beauty industry. Their skincare products are result driven and formulated to balance with the correct pH of the skin and are completely cruelty free.

They offer the benefits of Essential oils in their range of skincare and body care products and are suitable for all skin conditions and for both men and women. Eve Taylor do not use ingredients such as artificial colours or fragrances as well as other known irritants which can sensitise the skin or use ingredients that can be pore blocking.

Eve Taylor is our most natural range of skincare products we use in the Medispa and have seen great results over the years.

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Image skincare

Image skincare have a an array of products and treatments from enzyme peels to high-level AHA/BHA chemical exfoliators, IMAGE Skincare has a treatment to suit your specific skin type. Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. The circle of skin health consists of highly effective professional treatments perfectly customized to specific skin conditions.

These signature IMAGE treatments are complemented by daily home-care products to enhance and maintain outstanding results. Please see all Image skin treatments under our aesthetics section, where you will find treatments, relevant information and pricing.

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All of our facials includes a chest, shoulder and neck massage, a pressure point and drainage facial massage and the choice of either a full hand and arm massage or a deeply relaxing scalp massage.

Organic Oatmeal / Spa Facials

Organic Oatmeal

Suitable for all skin types – particularly good for dry and dehydrated.

The Eve Taylor® Organic Oatmeal Facial will relieve your skin from redness, irritation and dryness. With the warmth of steam towels and nutrient rich oatmeal your skin will be left soothed, hydrated and nourished.

No downtime.

55 minutes £49.00

Soothing Stress Buster / Spa Facials

Soothing Stress Buster

Suitable for all skin types- particularly good for environmentally stressed and sensitive.

Customised with the uplifting scent of Rose this decadent treatment re-energises the face and revives the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté by boosting hydration, toning and nourishing. Skin will feel smooth, fresh and revitalised.

No downtime.

55 minutes £49.00

Ultra Bright

Ultra Bright

Suitable for all skin types- particularly good for dull and dehydrated.

Illuminate and brighten dull, lacklustre, pigmented skin with Radiance Facial. Professional resurfacing smoothes and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and speciality masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving the skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing.

No downtime.

55 minutes £49.00

Harmony and Balance

Harmony and Balance

Suitable for all skin types. Focusing on relaxing the body and mind whilst combining a 15 minute aromatherapy back massage with an intensive facial to remove dead skin cells. Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliants to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and speciality masques customized to achieve intensive results, this treatment will leave your skin glowing.

You will also enjoy a chest, shoulder and neck massage, a pressure point and drainage facial massage, a soothing scalp massage and a full hand and arm massage.

No downtime.

70 minutes £58.00

Teen Clean Facial

Teen Clean Facial

Suitable for 12-16 years with parents signed consent.

Created specifically for teenagers, the Teen Clean Facial deeply cleanses and exfoliates, steam is used to help unblock the pores and clear the skin. A refreshing masque soothes and reduce redness, calming breakouts and invigorating problematic skin before mattifying balm leaves the face looking fresh, clear and squeaky clean.

No downtime.

40 minutes £39.00

Vital Eyes / Spa Facials

Vital Eyes

Suitable for all skin types- particularly good for dark circles and puffiness.

Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. Gentle exfoliation makes way for intensive ingredients to nourish and hydrate. Expert massage techniques disperse puffiness while our speciality eye masque firms and tones the skin. Eyes are left soothed and revitalised. Why not add this onto your treatment for maximum results?

No downtime.

25 minutes £25.00

Peel and Reveal / Spa Facials

Peel and Reveal

Suitable for all skin types.

A rejuvenating treatment that bridges the gap between a mild facial and in invasive peel, with no downtime! A multi step treatment with 2 professional masks combined with hyaluronic acid and selected products to optimise results and resurface the skin. You will see instant visible results in just one treatment.

This treatment also includes a chest, neck and shoulder massage, a pressure point and drainage facial massage, a relaxing scalp massage and a full hand and arm massage.

55 minutes £55.00

Modern Man Spa Facial

Modern Man

Suitable for all skin types.

Using all of the products from the Eve Taylor Mens range! This facial will detoxify, resurface and rehydrate the outer layers. With 2 different exfoliations and the use of Enzymes to buff away the dead skin you’ll be sure to see results in just one treatment. This treatment also includes a chest, neck and shoulder massage, a pressure point and drainage facial massage, a relaxing scalp massage and a full hand and arm massage.

No downtime.

55 minutes £55.00

Skin Fit Facial

Skin Fit Facial

Does your skin need a detox?
Are you suffering with clogged pores and feel like your skin a good ‘clean out’ but don’t want the intensity of a more advanced facial?

We’ve recognised advanced treatments aren’t for everyone so have created a deep cleansing facial which will help to deep cleanse, unblock pores, reduce bacteria & rebalance your skin.

After an analysis of your skin and a deep duo cleanse your therapist will use a bamboo exfoliator to buff away dead and dry skin cells.

After a 10 minute aromatherapy steam and a hand & arm massage you will have any black heads removed from everywhere on your face. Using steam will help to soften the comedones meaning they will come out easier (less painful)

A soothing sheet mask and jade rollers will help to heal any redness as well reduce any toxins in your skin.

A chest, neck, shoulder & scalp massage will complete your treatment.

To finish a suitable eye gel, serum, moisturiser & lip balm will be applied to protect & hydrate your skin.

55 minutes £59.00

Sculpt Facial


The newest treatment which is currently right on trend and a favourite from celebs is now available at JM MediSpa.

We have specifically designed this treatment using the best techniques that we have found to help LIFT, SCULPT & CONTOUR your face. Also known as Buccal massage, this particular type of massage has taken the industry by storm. This is unlike any other facial we offer. The speed, depth & specific movements are what make this treatment so unique. This is a workout for your face!

As part of this facial your skin will be deeply cleansed, using a duo of bamboo & enzyme exfoliation. Your chest, face & neck will receive our signature sculpting massage. To complete the treatment a radiance boosting mask, hand and arm massage and even a deep massage to your feet & calves!

The “secret ingredient” of this advanced and innovative treatment is deep pressure points & lymphatic-based massage movements. Buccal massage stimulates a deep release of tightness in facial muscles, as well as relaxation of surface tension.

The buccal muscles will receive a deep tissue massage where we lift and sculpt the face and improve its posture which are very hard to train in any other way. ‪We are restoring the clear edges of the face as well as diminishing pouches under the eyes and sagging skin. We are essentially causing a micro trauma to the skin by the repetition of the movements, enhancing the blood flow to the surface of the skin, and nourishing the cells in order to jumpstart the production of collagen and elastin.

We recommend a course of 5 over 5 weeks for optimum results then monthly maintenance appointments to help keep the muscles lifted and your face contour sculpted.

85 minutes £69.00

Facials Pricing…

Organic Oatmeal / 55 minutes £49.00
Soothing Stress Buster / 55 minutes £49.00
Ultra Bright / 55 minutes £49.00
Harmony & Balance / 70 minutes £58.00
Teen Clean Facial / 40 minutes £39.00
Vital Eyes / 25 minutes £25.00
Peel and Reveal / 55 minutes £55.00
Modern Man / 55 minutes £55.00
Bright Refine / 55 minutes £55.00
Skin Fit Facial / 55 minutes £59.00
Sculpt / 85 minutes £69.00