Eve Taylor Calming Aromatic Serum (No 2) 25ml

Eve Taylor Calming Aromatic Serum (No 2) 25ml


An aromatic treatment serum for strengthening couperose and dilated capillaries often found in thinner textured skins. It provides a protective buffer against environmental pollution.

Skin type/condition: Delicate, reddened skin with Dilated capillaries, diffuse redness and rosacea.

Eve Taylor Calming Aromatic Serum (No 2)

Benefits: This unique blend of essential oils aids in strengthening capillaries leading to a healthier, more nourished skin.

Easily absorbed plant oils fortify and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

The aromatic essence soothes the senses.

Key ingredients: Expertly hand blended essential oils of Basil, Niaouli, Sandalwood, Geranium and Lavender to strengthen the blood vessels and soothe the skin.

Wheatgerm oil provides Vitamin E to nourish and provide anti-oxidant protection.

Hazelnut oil adds a rich texture for superior glide.

How to use: Gently smooth 3 drops over face and neck. Continue with suitable toner and moisturiser.